Responsible Entities

  • Exporters do not have adequate liquidity to maintain operations and continue with production.

  • Expedite the disbursement of the FY 2017/2018 export rebates owed to exporters. 

  • Manufacturers are facing increased financial burden from the additional fees imposed on them, as well as the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Temporarily reduce fees associated with the following services:
  1. New logistic services in the customs department.
  2. Special roads toll rates on containers. 
  • Activate the Emergency Fund of the Ministry of Manpower and Migration, which is partially financed through monthly contributions by factories (1% of the basic wage of workers), to pay the salaries of workers in the event that it was decreed that industrial establishment should shut down. 
  • Exceptional Measure: Exempt all incoming shipments (that were already contracted for) from all the fees associated with customs clearance delays in Egyptian ports.